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24 days ago:New banners up. Thanks to DJNoni, sdpfsj, Look A Moth, Flying Trillobit, TkzcM, Noeleo and WheldrakeX.
54 days ago:New banners are up. Thanks to Noeleo, sdpfsj, Look A Moth, TkzcM, WheldrakeX, DJNoni and F A E.
84 days ago:New news banners are up. Thanks to WheldrakeX, DJNoni, Look A Moth, Spectre, Noeleo, swimswim100 and sdpfsj.
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Site Update Log


- The "cost" for downloading the original image for a page with the "download original" link when the image limit reset function is used has been adjusted to match the cost of including it in an archive. This is because people were using scripts to download full galleries with this link instead of using the archivers, which causes a lot more strain on the servers.


- We have switched in a new primary web cluster for parts of the site. This was a planned upgrade, but should alleviate the high number of 503s during peak load seen the last few days. Note that this was somewhat of a rushed implementation due to that fact, so let me know if you spot any weirdness.


- Thumbnails are now loaded in a different way when managing galleries, which should prevent any issues where they weren't loading.


- Untaggable tags that aren't slaved to a taggable master are no longer suggested in the tag watching interface.


- Fixed the "next page" arrow in favorite list views.

- A software update had some seemingly undocumented changes to default timeout values which may have caused uploads to fail excessively. These should now be set to saner values. Let me know if you still experience errors with this.


New UI revision update:

- Added a "Minimal+" display mode that includes flagged tags.

- Redesigned the way preview thumbnails work in Compact and Minimal display mode. Rating, posted date, category and page count are now displayed below the thumbnail, similar to the new Thumbnail mode. (The way it was done previously would hide some information; moving the popup elsewhere as some have suggested would just hide some other information, like parts of the title.)

- If a requested page from a search result has no unfiltered gallery matches within the allowed range span, it will now indicate this specifically instead of giving the generic "No hits found" error message.

- Having a keyword match too many tags no longer fails the search entirely, but rather skips tag searching for that keyword.

- Switched from a custom onclick handler to HTML5-supported nesting of divs inside anchor tags for list views. This should fix various interaction issues.

- Flagged tags and favorite notes in thumbnail mode was moved to between the thumbnail and information pane, and the latter should now actually always be fixed at the bottom. Let me know if this is better or worse.

- Added a "Viewport Override" setting to My Settings that allows you to override whatever scaling your mobile device happens to apply to the site. Setting it to a low value (like 740) makes elements as large as possible. Setting it to a high value (like 1400) gives you the max number of columns per row in thumbnail mode at 100% scaling. (While the site will provide the override header regardless of what you browse the site with, only mobile browsers will use it.)

- Corrected some lingering pagination issues where an extra (empty) page might be added when filtering was involved.

- Fixed weird flexbox behavior when selecting favorite galleries in thumbnail mode.

- Fixed broken layout in Compact/Minimal modes with narrow screens when ads are enabled.

- Fixed an issue where spaces in usernames were replaced with + in some contexts.

- Fixed some vertical alignment issues in list and compact mode, especially when favorite notes were involved.

- Added two data attributes "data-new" and "data-expunged" on the gallery list table rows/divs for custom styling purposes.

- Various minor layout tweaks and fixes.


- Rating is now a hybrid search to avoid few results per page when searching 5+ ratings.

- Added an additional check to prevent stale gallery list caching issues.


- Gallery tagging actions will now flush the gallery's listing cache, which should make tags show up and become available for filtering immediately.

- Removed a CSS rule that prevented certain touch actions (including hold to open in new tab) on Webkit (iOS/iPhone/iPad).


- Added a thumbnail scaling option under My Settings. This can be used to scale thumbnails on the Thumbnail and Extended gallery views between 75% and 150%.

- Toned down some of the category button colors on dark backgrounds.

- Gallery info now lines up per row in thumbnail mode.

- Minor CSS layout tweaks.

- Fixed an issue that prevented new users from creating BCH addresses since yesterday's update.

- Switched over to cashaddr for BCH. If you have an old wallet that does not support it yet, you can use this tool to convert the new wallet address to the old format. Old addresses will still be credited.

- Fixed a broken accessibility rule.

Thanks to hzqr and various anons for some of the CSS improvements.


- Large feature/UI update. Full patch notes here.


- Autotagger will now place p:original on doujinshi galleries that do not have any parody or character tags.


- [email protected] schedules can now only be used to set a lower max throttle speed. If you were previously using it to change the hourly bandwidth limit, please update your schedule to use the throttle instead. For older schedules, the limit will still be respected for the next week or so.


- Corrected some buggy behavior when editing gallery comments, as well as some buggy interaction with posting and editing comments.


- Due to a large increase in the "Asia peak" over the last few months, we've had to re-enable the peak image limiter. This will reduce the image load quota for the Asia region between 1430 and 1830 UTC. People with any donation star or any of the "more pages" perks will not see a change.


- Added limited sessionless settings support, which restores the ability to switch to thumbnail mode without being logged in, as well as toggling [email protected] on lofi.


- Server-side profiles and profile switching was added. Details here.


- Corrected a very rare issue where some archiver links would not work correctly.


- Free archiver quotas were changed from being displayed in MB/day to GB/week, since they have been on a one-week sliding window for some time.

- The star quotas were increased by a factor of 10/7 (about 42%) across the board, solely to make the numbers prettier.
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Posted Friday, 10th of April 2020, 07:34 UTC
We have now switched over to use the (relatively) new bech32 addresses for Bitcoin by default as well. As usual, any payments to older addresses generated within the last year or so will still be credited.

As some exchanges, wallets and ATMs may not support this address type yet, there is an option to switch back to legacy (P2SH-style) addresses, which will remain for some time. Note that if you click this, there is no automatic way to switch back to bech32, so you would have to PM me to do so.

While I wasn't planning on switching over until support for the new address type was more or less universal, there have been some instances of people sending BCH to BTC addresses despite the highly visible warning, which will no longer be possible.
Posted Sunday, 1st of March 2020, 07:34 UTC
A new set of HTTPS-capable image servers is now live for ordinary (browsing) image requests. Along with the new version of [email protected], this means all browsing images should now be HTTPS-only. Some other things like full image downloads still use the old servers, but will switch to the new ones soonish.

There was also a change to the setting to disable [email protected] for image requests; an option to use only clients running on the default HTTPS port (443) was added. This setting should be sufficient to prevent issues with restrictive firewalls and proxies. The option to disable it entirely is now donator-only due to the significant additional load it adds on the image servers. Note that if you previously had it set to disable [email protected], it is now set to default-port only.

As a random additional change, the required disk space per static range for [email protected] clients was increased to 200 MB per range. This is not retroactive, and will not reduce the number of already assigned ranges if it would be limited with the new requirement.

Edit: Original image downloads has been switched over.
Posted Thursday, 2nd of January 2020, 09:17 UTC
1.6.0 is considered a stable release, and is a required update for clients running versions prior to 1.5.4. This release only has minor changes compared to 1.5.4, which remains a supported version and will not require an upgrade.

Compared to 1.4.2, this incorporates all changes in the 1.5 experimental branch. You can find those release notes here.

1.4 clients will be seeing dropping quality over the next month, and will no longer receive traffic after February 1st. Please make sure to update before then. Note that the quality for 1.5+ clients will also be adjusted somewhat, as it was set higher than the target average during the experimental period.

1.6.0 - 2020-01-02

- When refreshing HTTPS certs, the client will now wait longer (up to five minutes) before it attempts starting the server back up if the listening thread takes unexpectedly long to terminate.

- When handling file requests, cache misses did not count towards the "total files sent" stat. (This only affected the readout in the GUI, server-side stats are not calculated by the clients.)

To update an existing client: shut it down, download [email protected] 1.6.0, extract the archive, copy the jar files over the existing ones, then restart the client.

The full source code for [email protected] is available and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3, and can be downloaded here. Building it from source only requires OpenJDK 8 or newer.

For information on how to join [email protected], check out The [email protected] Project FAQ.

Other download options can be found at the usual place.
Posted Wednesday, 1st of January 2020, 10:06 UTC
The Twelfth Annual E-Hentai Yuletide Lottery

Which is where some random people who probably aren't you win some stuff.

The PHP Mersenne-Twister Random Number Generator returns to draw fifty lucky winners from those who entered. Like previous years, you got one ticket per level. The prize, given to each of the lucky winners, is 200 Hath and one Tenbora's Box.

The winner is: namo0079 (1213737)
The winner is: LTF (467147)
The winner is: ACFDT (1772406)
The winner is: tox01 (147272)
The winner is: Forth_Lancer (80402)
The winner is: Lord_Obagon (16751)
The winner is: kainord (370261)
The winner is: kyouri (218706)
The winner is: uareader (2051615)
The winner is: dharumas (378135)
The winner is: 25kk (1301748)
The winner is: EvolutionKing (18314)
The winner is: HaruNagi (1362450)
The winner is: feathered (4430857)
The winner is: 에어스턴 (1742714)
The winner is: skillchip (9984)
The winner is: acegi (971648)
The winner is: bashenan (347084)
The winner is: wodhuhh (2222737)
The winner is: tazmanian devil (1156542)
The winner is: ftroze (686086)
The winner is: Darwin4078 (2967667)
The winner is: Luna_Flina (43883)
The winner is: milannews (976540)
The winner is: paramount111 (1042315)
The winner is: abukara (133075)
The winner is: captcarisma (346435)
The winner is: mouisaac (4225730)
The winner is: ufo22347 (1001968)
The winner is: ronronronron2 (930232)
The winner is: Nobody2098 (1148765)
The winner is: ShadowDragon999 (207583)
The winner is: Maximum_Joe (589675)
The winner is: Phreeman (1830737)
The winner is: Hoodcomm (110194)
The winner is: GermanPlasma (2736313)
The winner is: FabulousCupcake (1848351)
The winner is: GayMa (958729)
The winner is: Dk2017 (3851745)
The winner is: Hina Amano (638489)
The winner is: momomoji (1233591)
The winner is: lazyNPC (1011847)
The winner is: adamsway (1607060)
The winner is: Mags_ (560909)
The winner is: hzqr (157910)
The winner is: question3 (2040930)
The winner is: lowedog (1216301)
The winner is: jantch (981462)
The winner is: Soulfuse (1658300)
The winner is: lhv520045 (1051644)

In addition, everyone who participated in the lottery gets a free Pink Cookie! The Pink Cookie gives a 20% bonus to all gained EXP and 1 Hath every day you visit the site. This effect stacks with the Cookies from previous year. (It only took like six years, but the script was finally improved so the Cookie shows up right away! In theory, anyway.)

The Twelfth Annual E-Hentai Galleries Award Show for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence

Which is where people get shiny badges for contributing to the site in various ways.

Points are awarded for every toplist you place in, with 3 points for a Top 10 placement, 2 points for placing 11th through 25th, and 1 point for placing between 26th and 50th.

3 points or more would get you the Gold Wrench, which adds +100% EXP, +4 Hath and +7000C per dawn event, and +3 mod power.

2 points would get you the Silver Wrench, which adds +75% EXP, +3 Hath and +5000C per dawn event, and +2 mod power.

And 1 point would get you the Bronze Wrench, which adds +50% EXP, +2 Hath and +3000C per dawn event, and +1 mod power.

Additionally, all of the awards grant +2 GB/week of free archive downloads.

Everyone who made a Top 50 showing in the Galleries Toplists will also receive one Tenbora's Box for each placement.


Dammon (16353)
Miles Edgeworth (317696)
manbearpork (1488909)
cs987987 (911792)
kit07 (569102)
milannews (976540)
bashenan (347084)
svines85 (976341)
Hot Chocolate (1681043)
aasp2 (1278310)
Maximum_Joe (589675)
Reco17 (1798860)
rndspm (1158657)
mozilla browser (829365)
Try_ (1622728)
TheGreyPanther (582527)
elgringo (2790)
Megaton (62883)
Cipher-kun (1207129)
nasu_sensei (3169265)
mifukata (1285836)
枯树昏鸦 (4397024)
Zero Angel (36342)
Concord_e (1145682)
Nasen (2702672)
treesloth (1232071)
Hakrei (243787)
zhenterzzf (3420711)
pineapple1029 (1175503)
atomicpuppy (2328)
th-nn11 (4546790)
akunoko (1328123)
klorpa (2506863)
subzeroX (189857)
boosharwo (1451449)
DarknessX Katsuhiro (348473)
Darwin4078 (2967667)
Srac (1635371)
sunshineandlolipops (753100)
yinscape (675436)
PanHun (1378258)
aeridus (181149)
StonyCat (932943)
Bane13 (256409)
NerfThis (1755845)
Hina Amano (638489)
Larequirem (1506949)
blue penguin (924439)
piyin (120864)
morineko (1829438)
pablo903 (966670)
zen_zen (648569)
jantch (981462)
Pokom (4764920)
darkwing42 (66788)
Lujei Piche (4272736)
Bowden (399592)
Fatesifaeve (2022231)
bananapow (250742)
hirofuru (776797)
Superlatanium (1647739)
nonotan (106471)
Number1TioFan (2987116)
Sushilicious (445951)
ROBBOO (1132407)
qq3870990 (1725168)
MSimm1 (248946)
DJNoni (2977124)
dfsgg (1421664)
Viktor0nk (1173811)
VriskaSerket (106990)
pop9 (154972)


tumult (158817)
aucerumo (155251)
okdoke (983249)
empty_field (1110495)
tonagura (534682)
SinsayerYuda (631025)
cmos (292767)
SkunkZes (2404269)
Jigsy (293539)
Sapo84 (168392)
kamio11 (1397626)
Shimaidon (1415261)
ggmm206 (1184241)
aizhihuxiao (1737183)
a7755111 (729138)
dtmhtk (2106993)
Lunar Tear (2582966)
scp10011 (2202854)
s976113 (462463)
feeling2love (768399)
rinshantsumo (3146541)
八雲紫 (1178606)
coloradosprings (1804007)
Drakewyn (1446534)
Kross25 (1989798)
Dk2017 (3851745)
Shana (223104)
MisterMetokur (1334122)
ming.eva (1099725)
Drksrpnt (497966)
svvarg (340828)
shellgot (2596804)
Dynellen (183069)
cometravel (1711700)
sdshdv (1179779)
LWND (1392507)
Floripes (84182)
NekoHime27 (667843)
x392 (372143)
alfredmeow (1857818)
salar (229374)
Jo.To (160561)
Magikarp_Guy (1613322)
Assassin_ (2070595)
sadikus (24486)
Godboli (2355685)
泉水小夜 (2052022)
hafini (444969)
yetsun (81973)
hoigoigoi (1111181)
giftz (3207345)
meow_pao (204246)
vivagogo (617123)
Yamato` (500969)
Halukard (2034934)
_LMF_ (2167219)
sk8820 (4370168)
Tgbvfr (40820)
eleeinos (105386)
gansta (1657456)
mundomuñeca (3788586)
921770760 (532594)
cynamonbunz (2159839)
娱乐城炸了 (2979263)


cochrane (2281203)
Rider of Black (2842568)
SyriasX (2170639)
KEYLUN (1984660)
matsuda0101 (573630)
Oddone (101282)
theCircle57 (289101)
anspilk (1667889)
Kanikami (352714)
mnmnghjk (1161657)
Some Wolf (2276898)
slowboys (2769941)
just44 (2045284)
unsafebiscut (625111)
eddie76 (235114)
The Red Threat (3939102)
chachax2 (1197278)
Lin Setsu A (703212)
Hito Shura (434157)
Red_Piotrus (18055)
rdbtpgdb (758640)
taxeol (4918614)
Marien (113111)
darkdepths (1115604)
CatgirlFanatic (248229)
Tankgewher1918 (4507648)
sirlachdanan (55286)
swimswim100 (4951055)
ichikku (1544925)
crkscrew (3062200)
Kahm (148204)
bunnygunny (1904467)
nuts987 (1269222)
eh7145g (1888213)
blacker0713 (1933746)
Kereghan (857502)
beamsinbox (1303588)
Faval (105773)
penspinner8092 (1178937)
pitrace (157537)
Alicia Florence (899950)
Fog Magic (755111)
ranphafranboise (649731)
MikeyBroh (2749811)
14f55 (1286147)
Binglo (243587)
Aliedora (3572647)
LWMD (3556326)
Bfodler (697423)
EvolutionKing (18314)
JnTo (2729643)
Elder Mask (3434393)
kinoshita_tokichiro (754239)
dawaihih (591807)
catchv (1827764)
Pseudo-Nim (4363899)
Imphobia (1842137)
VatsuX (287978)
Flame13 (1544312)
hypepripara (3590596)
lancers5566 (3839866)
cangyuewing (474426)
simon400 (980289)
喵铃酱 (3039846)
ranma-chan (649981)
BlossomPlus (1269525)
NEET☆遥 (611118)
usuario666 (4206926)
HUILENDASI (1213602)
blamekilly (1090167)
Longsworduser (1393664)
kaiwen1108 (1691426)
satoritokoishi (733429)
dadada12386 (716309)
Kaito. (1095749)
kikimaru024 (160009)
Noeleo (2230785)
monokaaa (1786245)
XNounou (286280)
titswifter (338151)
Rocbleaser (114829)
M8R-bdyxio (601536)
Darklock (1793445)
wise wolf holo (1649510)
G Just G (90877)
blank123 (35000)
Kessara (315859)
sinistral (270312)
Absurdity0 (3931333)
t95 (117646)
Hiltrax (2979013)
Tata2 (2900384)
Tenrag (519423)
gfukmarfa (2189536)
Paruri (3961437)
rankgrass (1733063)
moanim (1590897)
Celica Sylphil (1468811)
kzmkzmkzmkzm (444292)
decondelite (1968682)
KamuiSeph (77561)
eltk (1329297)
yikuolu (3511304)
tibus1979 (1330270)
Clh. (3172224)
The_Ellimist (1353601)
wanisame (1982178)
mewsf (1941026)
The Nameless Monster (1901765)
Passerby4 (1602566)
Knzz (294380)
Fatrobo (2545)

Additionally, the following people were boosted one or more ranks due to MVP Nominations. This is a new mechanism as of 2019, where select staffers have been able to nominate people who contribute in ways outside of what can be measured by the toplists. Each nomination adds 1 point. People who were nominated but already qualified for the top one are not listed, and excess points are not added. (Note that the nomination process ran for a very short time this year, so this list is likely to be longer for future events. The list could also be updated over the next couple of days.)

+3: mayriad (490854)
+3: PrincessKaguya (4850902)
+2: Lestion (867559)
+2: Decondelite (1968682)
+2: Ubershank (989173)
+2: Mrsuperhappy (1898816)
+1: Sakirafubuki (1620623)
+1: sickentide (407334)
+1: 8055 (159021)
+1: SkunkZes (2404269)
+1: ShiroiHebi (3240290)
+1: Mysael (1782420)
+1: simplesimon32 (1732804)
+1: rizelbr (242621)
+1: Red_Piotrus (18055)
+1: uareader (2051615)
+1: kinoshita_tokichiro (754239)
+1: ero-onizuka (234275)
+1: cgc (803161)
+1: Scremaz (11328)
+1: Spectre (2203)
+1: cynamonbunz (2159839)
+1: Binglo (243587)

Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who have contributed in some way for their hard work in the last year.

And a Happy New Year to all contributors and visitors alike. Akeome, kotoyoro, and all that.
Posted Sunday, 22nd of December 2019, 08:01 UTC
As is customary in E-Hentai tradition, we always hand out a little something to our loyal members and contributors this time of year. Everyone who has reached the Member status on the forums should now have received a few trinkets of appreciation, namely:

50 Hath
1x Iron Heart (unique trophy)
3x Stocking Stuffers (trophy)

In a repeat from the last eleven years, everyone who makes a post in this thread can also participate in the E-Hentai Yuletide Lottery. To participate, make a post in this thread containing the phrase DON'T POINT YOUR BUTT AT ME somewhere in your post.

Make sure to enter before 23:59:59 (Midnight) UTC, December 31st.

As usual, The Yuletide Lottery Drawings will be done by the PHP Mersenne-Twister Random Number Generator. The winner will be announced on the 1st of January.

And to everyone, have a Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas, a Festive Festivus, or a wonderful whatever other winter celebration you happen to observe.
Posted Monday, 14th of October 2019, 07:04 UTC
NOTE: To continue running 1.5, please update to 1.5.4. This fixes the CA issues experienced by previous versions of the 1.5 branch.

As far as timelines go, unless some issues are discovered I expect this to graduate to "stable" around new year's, after which I'll start lowering the quality for 1.4.2 clients. 1.4.2 should be phased out completely around the start of February.


Major browsers have announced concrete plans to enforce their One True Vision™ of the web and outright disallow mixed content (HTTP) images on HTTPS sites in the near future. As such, even though this is completely pointless with our setup, and does nothing except add complexity and overhead, we don't really have any choice except to switch [email protected] to use HTTPS. This will take place early 2020 (February at latest), and the 1.4 branch will stop working before that time.

Please direct all complaints about the inevitable drawbacks to the brainless security fetishists at Google and/or Mozilla who cannot seem to comprehend that there are actual valid use cases for loading HTTP resources on HTTPS sites.

1.5.4 - 2019-12-18

This update fixes the CA issue that required reverting to 1.4.2, by changing the CA and replacing the issuing method with an actual secure one. Note that older 1.5 releases cannot be used, 1.5.4 is required.

- [email protected] now uses individually issued certificates signed by Let's Encrypt. Modern browsers/OSes should all support this CA. YMMV for EOL ones.

- While the backend is still HTTP and the certificate file itself is still downloaded in plaintext, the private key is now encrypted with a shared secret, specifically the client's key.

- When the client certificate is close to expiring, the client will now automatically request a new certificate and reinitialize the HTTP server.

1.5.3 Changelog

- --disable-ip-origin-check should now actually work as intended. Using this will now also disable flood control implicitly.

1.5.2 Changelog

- When running on Java 11+, [email protected] would default to using TLSv1.3, but this was found to significantly increase the failure rate. TLSv1.3 has therefore been disabled for now.

- Fixed a minor Makefile issue on Linux for the "clean" target (which no one is likely to use).

1.5.1 Changelog

- Avoid allocating a new byte array buffer for each TCP write.

- Cleaned up some now pointless code involving improved packet fillrate.

- Fixed the broken makejar.sh in the source dump to make jar files on Linux.

1.5.0 Changelog

- HTTPS support has been added and is now required. All incoming requests to the client will now be HTTPS.

- If any of the required program directories cannot be created, startup should now fail in a cleaner way.

- The cache handler should now gracefully handle any inaccessible directories/files in the cache directory (like, say, a lost+found)

- Added the argument --disable-ip-origin-check that disables the requirement that RPC server requests come from a whitelisted IP. Using this is discouraged as it reduces security, but may allow [email protected] to work in some common non-transparent proxy configurations. Note that if the non-transparent proxy is a local network IP, speed and rate limits will not be enforced.

- Added the argument --disable-flood-control that disables the rate limit on connections per IP address. This may be necessary to use with the above trigger unless the non-transparent proxy appears as a private network IP.

- To work around systems with non-existing or broken unicode support, the gallery downloader will now fall back to a minimal ASCII directory name if creating a directory with the full name fails.

Known wontfix issues

- SSL overhead is not counted by the bandwidth limiter; as handshaking is transparent there is no real way to measure it.

About ports

If possible, changing the port for a 1.5+ [email protected] client to 443 (the standard HTTPS port) is recommended. This can potentially significantly improve quality for the client, as some proxies and security software prevents HTTPS access to non-standard ports. In the future, clients running on port 443 may be prioritized as far as traffic goes, but outside of any quality difference, this is not currently the case.

Note that for Linux specifically, it can be complicated to let the java binary bind to low ports unless you run it as root, which is not recommended. Even if you let it with setcap, ld will then typically block unprivileged users from even running it without some trickery, as it becomes a "privileged executable" and some library paths are not trusted by default. It is easier to use --port to bind to an unprivileged port and then use iptables rules to forward the port, for example:

then start [email protected] with --port=7777

Another alternative is using authbind; see this post.

Note 1: The "odd" branches should be considered experimental, but as there is not that much time until mixed content is disallowed, we need to get clients migrated fairly rapidly. 1.4 clients will therefore get an increasing quality penalty applied over the next couple of months, to give the SSL-capable clients higher traffic priority.

Note 2: The "[email protected] Local Network Host" setting does nothing anymore with a 1.5 client. Because the hostname is validated against the certificate, we can no longer change it to a local network IP. This setting will soon be removed.

Note 3: 1.2 is now considered EOL and can no longer be started up. If you are one of the 3 people still running a client with this version, you should shut it down and update ASAP, as the RPC endpoint will soon be removed.

Note 4: Initially, before there is a bit of uptake with the new clients, you may see lower speeds than what you eventually will end up with, since 1.4 clients cannot run tests against 1.5 clients. This is normal and expected.

Note 5: Because of buggy behavior in HttpsURLConnection, 1.4 clients are not actually able to fetch data from any HTTPS sources at all even though URLConnection is supposed to handle this transparently, which means the 1.4 [email protected] downloader will fail fetching files from 1.5 clients. There is no workaround outside of updating.

Note 6: Because image requests now involve both a DNS lookup and a SSL handshake, requests will invariably be slower and more phrone to failure. This would normally affect quality, but the calculations compensate for this. The exact factors used here will be tweaked over time to avoid having overall quality being lower than before.

Note 7: [email protected] 1.5 does not change the cache structure or any internally saved data, so it is trivial to downgrade to 1.4 if something breaks. Of course, this will only be an option until 1.4 is dropped.

To update an existing client: shut it down, download [email protected] 1.5.4, extract the archive, copy the jar files over the existing ones, then restart the client.

The full source code for [email protected] is available and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3, and can be downloaded here. Building it from source only requires OpenJDK 8 or newer.

For information on how to join [email protected], check out The [email protected] Project FAQ.
Posted Tuesday, 19th of March 2019, 09:42 UTC

Revamped gallery list modes

A new gallery listing system has been implemented, which is used everywhere galleries are listed in some way. It has 4 display modes, which can be switched between at any time:

Minimal - Similar to the old List Mode. Tags and page count are not shown, but tag-based filtering still works.
Compact - Default. New taller list style, which adds room and support for showing flagged tags. This also pulls a selection of non-flagged tags until the row is full. (Toplists will always use this mode.)
Extended - Shows the thumbnail and all gallery information and tags.
Thumbnail - Similar to the old Thumbnail Mode.

The "new" and "expunged" icons were removed. Instead, new uploads since your last visit are now indicated by bolding the published time, while expunged galleries are indicated by a strike-through.

Favorites are now indicated with a colored border and background around the published time. This can now be clicked even if it is not currently favorited, meaning that you can now add new favorites without going to the gallery page.

The timestamps used for last visit displays are now stored with your session rather than in a cookie; the front/search page and watched page are tracked separately.

It now uses the larger cover thumbnails that have been used on the gallery page for some time. Scaling behavior for smaller screens has also been significantly improved for gallery list views as well as the navbar.

Note that this requires fairly modern browser support. Older browsers (including all versions of IE) will not work at all and will not be supported. Upgrade if you are having display issues.

Tag flagging and watching

A new system for flagging, watching and filtering galleries based on tags has been added. This is available for everyone, and replaces the old limited tag flagging functionality and associated perk, which will eventually be refunded. The new system is universal and works everywhere galleries are listed, including on the toplists and in favorites.

You can manage your watched and flagged tags from My Tags. This interface allows you to create and name tagsets, set colors per tag and/or tagset, mark tags as watched or hidden, set weights (importance) per tag, as well as delete and move tags between tagsets.

Changing the default weight is optional, but this can be used to set the importance of a tag to a number between -99 and 99, where negative numbers are considered "bad" and positive numbers are considered "good"; this is used for soft tag filtering and watching thresholds, which are described further below. The order flagged tags are shown also depends on the (absolute) weight.

Gold stars and above can have up to 10 sets of watched/flagged tags with up to 100 tags per set. Everyone else can have one set of up to 100 tags.

Soft and hard gallery tag filters

Galleries can now be filtered based on tags in two separate ways by adding the tag to My Tags.

Hard filtering is enabled by toggling the "hidden" checkbox. Galleries with these tags are filtered regardless of the presense of other tags.

Soft filtering is enabled by setting a negative "weight" (importance) for a tag. If the sum of weights of tags that appear in the gallery is less than a threshold that can be set under My Settings (defaults to 0), the gallery is filtered.

Filtered tags will not show up on the front page, in search results, on the popular page, or on the watched page. Filters are always off on the toplist and favorite pages.

Tag filters can be temporarily disabled with the advanced search "Disable default filters for tags" checkbox. This turns off both the hard and soft filters.

The Watched Tags Screen

Tag watching works similar to favorites, except that the list is automatically populated with recently uploaded galleries based on a list of tags you specify. Galleries with watched tags will show up on the new Watched page.

Language/uploader filtering and all the normal search functionality is available for use with watched tags, except for file search, which would have limited utility anyway.

Unlike normal searches, searches in watched tags support using only negative search terms.

By default, a recently uploaded gallery will show up on the watched screen if at least one of its tags are marked as watched, and the total weight of its watched tags sum up to 0 or more. The default tag filtering is also applied, which can be temporarily disabled with the "Disable default filters for tags" checkbox.

You can optionally change the weight threshold mentioned above from My Settings. This allows you to have "weakly watched" tags where you need more than one matching tag to have it show up.

The watched weight threshold only includes tags marked as watched, which means that having watched tags with a negative weight makes sense if you want to be even more advanced - these tags will never by themselves make a gallery show up on the watched page, but they will detract from the watched score of other tags. Note however that this would also contribute towards soft tag filtering in general.

For gold stars and above, watched tags cover galleries from the last ~30 days. For everyone else, watched tags cover galleries from the last ~7 days.

The Recently Popular Screen

The old recently posted popular galleries display previously found at the bottom of the front page is now a separate page, can use all the new display modes, and applies all the different types of filtering.

It will now show up to 50 galleries posted in the last 24 hours that are currently popular, sorted by traffic in the last minute. Depending on the severity of your filters, fewer results may be displayed.

Search engine changes

The search engine has been rewritten to allow for graceful second-stage filtering, primarily to enable the tag filtering functionality. The system will show how many results were filtered from a particular page of results.

Note that when second-stage filtering is applied, result "pages" are somewhat ambiguous. Going to the next "page" in a result set will start from the next gallery as expected, but if you jump around between "pages" non-sequentially, you may see results at the end of a "page" appearing at the start of the next one.

- Added a page count filter.

- Galleries that are expunged or replaced also no longer have to wait for an index sweep to disappear from search listings. Note that these are silently filtered and are not included in the "filtered" count.

- Upload and rating filtering are now second-stage filters, and will be included in the "filtered" count.

- Exclusion searches will no longer exclude tags that are the master of matching slave tags to prevent unwanted exclusions in some cases.

- Search URL logic has been reworked and the resulting URLs are now much shorter. Note that while this was done in a mostly backwards-compatible way, and old links will still work fine for the most part, the behavior may be different for some types of search URLs that were not generated by the site (like, say, if only some of the category arguments were provided).

Other changes

- The old "glassy" category buttons were replaced with a set of CSS buttons inspired by a theme from LadyChocolatine, mostly to allow for different sized buttons.

- Gold stars and above can now have up to 1000 excluded uploaders. The current and max number of exclusions are now also displayed.

- Various functionality that still used an older pseudo-session system was integrated into the new one.

- If a gallery rename only differs from the current name with whitespace characters, it will now count as a trivial rename and will not grant the base rename toplist points for the petition starter. (This only applies for petitions started from now on. It will still grant the single vote point for both the starter and other voters.)

- Tool tag stats are now broken down into an approximate lower bound for strong (10+ power) and weak/downvoted tags for Visible, Expunged and Unlisted galleries, reflecting changes in the internal tag statistics gathering. (Some pages only show strong index counts, for readability reasons.)

- Minor layout changes to the Donation page to split the large tl;dr at the top and make room for bech32/cashaddr addresses.

- Minor improvements to [email protected] quality calculations.

- Max number of favorites has been re-capped to 100000 for performance reasons. While there were a number of performance improvements made, this is about the point where it still starts to struggle.

- Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet addresses will soon default to using the cashaddr format. If you have an old wallet that does not support it yet, you can use this tool to convert the new wallet address to the old format.

Note that while this update has been in closed beta for about a week, there are almost certainly lurking issues due to the sheer magnitude of new/changed code. Please report any issues in this thread.
Posted Tuesday, 1st of January 2019, 11:00 UTC
The Eleventh Annual E-Hentai Yuletide Lottery

There was supposed to be a speech, but the keynote speaker is out with a hangover so we'll just jump ahead to the prize ceremory.

The PHP Mersenne-Twister Random Number Generator returns to draw fifty lucky winners from those who entered. Like previous years, you got one ticket per level. The prize, given to each of the lucky winners, is 200 Hath and one Tenbora's Box.

The winner is: Mizuki Nana (1438707)
The winner is: blue penguin (924439)
The winner is: Undeadboner (4055077)
The winner is: nurax (150252)
The winner is: haradump (869224)
The winner is: donm (525936)
The winner is: n125 (56072)
The winner is: Sehki (4444075)
The winner is: Rhydin (2494866)
The winner is: teenyman45 (371074)
The winner is: 3675 (1385038)
The winner is: tkm82 (759417)
The winner is: hbabu (1904224)
The winner is: Noneyabusiness (39605)
The winner is: Slobber (529349)
The winner is: magicianmaster (1225350)
The winner is: Srac (1635371)
The winner is: Dk2017 (3851745)
The winner is: FreeloaderV (2632258)
The winner is: poks (105208)
The winner is: kserox (497916)
The winner is: varst (301767)
The winner is: mdhbysut (211764)
The winner is: lightshader (195534)
The winner is: aurabolt (374857)
The winner is: in memory (800087)
The winner is: lhv520045 (1051644)
The winner is: HigherMakoto (207311)
The winner is: wodhuhh (2222737)
The winner is: quesman (241765)
The winner is: dlhmmr (137082)
The winner is: stinkerpink (608240)
The winner is: chooter (261198)
The winner is: qdjseh001 (2405416)
The winner is: southrim (291867)
The winner is: supernaho (3124731)
The winner is: zero1018101 (1916575)
The winner is: ask1123 (42769)
The winner is: G-Salat (962215)
The winner is: LucKy-X-1989 (448000)
The winner is: Lin Setsu A (703212)
The winner is: kaeluno1 (417823)
The winner is: brewdonkey (805738)
The winner is: senbey (762922)
The winner is: Alex68785 (52495)
The winner is: axionmaximum (316252)
The winner is: Draw99Gray (2899452)
The winner is: staranise (1153190)
The winner is: tsukikoazusa (1397157)
The winner is: WatermelonJuice (1344512)

In addition, everyone who participated in the lottery gets a free Chocolate-Coated Cookie! The Chocolate-Coated Cookie gives a 20% bonus to all gained EXP and 1 Hath every day you visit the site. This effect stacks with the Cookies from previous year. (Note that the Cookie may take some time to appear.)

The Eleventh Annual E-Hentai Galleries Award Show for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence

As usual, everyone who made a Top 50 showing in the Galleries Toplists will receive one Tenbora's Box for each placement.

As for this year's Unique Thingie, you get points for every toplist you place in, with 3 points for a Top 10 placement, 2 points for placing 11th through 25th, and 1 point for placing between 26th and 50th.

3 points or more would get you the Ruby Geo, which adds +100% EXP, +4 Hath and +7000C per dawn event, and +3 mod power.

2 points would get you the Emerald Geo, which adds +75% EXP, +3 Hath and +5000C per dawn event, and +2 mod power.

And 1 point would get you the Sapphire Geo, which adds +50% EXP, +2 Hath and +3000C per dawn event, and +1 mod power.

Additionally, all of the geo awards grant +2 GB/week of free archive downloads.


9 Miles Edgeworth (317696)
9 Dammon (16353)
7 pop9 (154972)
7 milannews (976540)
7 DarkMGA (1074814)
6 cs987987 (911792)
6 Drksrpnt (497966)
6 TheGreyPanther (582527)
6 porkymon (1488909)
6 Bane13 (256409)
5 svines85 (976341)
5 Nasen (2702672)
5 bashenan (347084)
5 Megaton (62883)
5 Maximum_Joe (589675)
4 elgringo (2790)
4 rdbtpgdb (758640)
4 mozilla browser (829365)
4 mifukata (1285836)
4 zen_zen (648569)
4 musterm4x (1414836)
4 Ringoch (1930095)
4 Sushilicious (445951)
4 MSimm1 (248946)
4 Try_ (1622728)
4 KEYLUN (1984660)
4 sunshineandlolipops (753100)
3 sauerkraut (1171546)
3 pablo903 (966670)
3 VatsuX (287978)
3 upupupupup (1297817)
3 PanHun (1378258)
3 mondainai22 (1662123)
3 kit07 (569102)
3 atomicpuppy (2328)
3 Yuu Koito (638489)
3 treesloth (1232071)
3 boosharwo (1451449)
3 DarknessX Katsuhiro (348473)
3 rinshantsumo (3146541)
3 aeridus (181149)
3 DJNoni (2977124)
3 Number1TioFan (2987116)
3 StonyCat (932943)
3 aleden (1803958)
3 blue penguin (924439)
3 八雲紫 (1178606)
3 Srac (1635371)
3 Larequirem (1506949)
3 morineko (1829438)
3 ROBBOO (1132407)
3 Noeleo (2230785)
3 Superlatanium (1647739)
3 nonotan (106471)
3 Concord_e (1145682)
3 darkwing42 (66788)
3 CZer (118065)
3 Kross25 (1989798)
3 Lujei (624945)
3 ALL_MIGHT (3383392)
3 Lujei Piche (4272736)
3 FreeloaderV (2632258)
3 Viktor0nk (1173811)
3 VriskaSerket (106990)
3 Lin Setsu A (703212)
3 LWND (1392507)
3 jantch (981462)
3 dfsgg (1421664)


2 blackjac00 (1727679)
2 NerfThis (1755845)
2 Knzz (294380)
2 HigherMakoto (207311)
2 Celica Sylphil (1468811)
2 Hot Chocolate (1681043)
2 kamio11 (1397626)
2 Sapo84 (168392)
2 groinface (87659)
2 aucerumo (155251)
2 Shimaidon (1415261)
2 mmsofpower (1406034)
2 Bowden (399592)
2 bananapow (250742)
2 DDRmails (1043757)
2 cmos (292767)
2 reviewer (812589)
2 SkunkZes (2404269)
2 20Ilya (520630)
2 Zero Angel (36342)
2 Fatesifaeve (2022231)
2 a7755111 (729138)
2 Shizuka Natsuki (1470234)
2 hirofuru (776797)
2 dtmhtk (2106993)
2 rinseken (1933359)
2 Darth Shader (430313)
2 kzmkzmkzmkzm (444292)
2 xwx001 (2527298)
2 Void Domain (343053)
2 tonagura (534682)
2 Red_Piotrus (18055)
2 Drakewyn (1446534)
2 Lostwizard (2544364)
2 DorianFX (2003149)
2 枯树昏鸦 (4397024)
2 hoigoigoi (1111181)
2 The Tsukuyomi (160561)
2 Darwin4078 (2967667)
2 qq3870990 (1725168)
2 NEET☆遥 (611118)
2 sadikus (24486)
2 Rush. (3649700)
2 Godboli (2355685)
2 ebisumon (239926)
2 andromeda2010 (1169752)
2 Magikarp_Guy (1613322)
2 x392 (372143)
2 娱乐城炸了 (2979263)
2 alfredmeow (1857818)
2 takuto123 (1157956)
2 Dynellen (183069)
2 921770760 (532594)
2 svvarg (340828)
2 Floripes (84182)
2 Marien (113111)
2 Flame13 (1544312)
2 Hakrei (243787)
2 leungmanchiu (1187338)
2 Halukard (2034934)
2 @Inkblot (2277102)
2 Sylvrwolflol (4036274)
2 cmc1985 (703594)
2 minatomomo (1396058)
2 gansta (1657456)
2 sirlachdanan (55286)
2 salar (229374)
2 giftz (3207345)


1 hafini (444969)
1 mnmnghjk (1161657)
1 slowboys (2769941)
1 whatevergoogle (3568422)
1 Drizzt78 (142044)
1 matsuda0101 (573630)
1 Baskq (1570558)
1 nowittycomment (349539)
1 usuratonkachi (300025)
1 CuteManabi (1144873)
1 Kanikami (352714)
1 Wurk (983208)
1 blank123 (35000)
1 ichikku (1544925)
1 Juggernaut Santa (962093)
1 Cipher-kun (1207129)
1 pitrace (157537)
1 lttcyber (2052521)
1 lkoofu (1311226)
1 vivagogo (617123)
1 Faval (105773)
1 monkey_lmf (2167219)
1 Beulet (818722)
1 HN00000001 (1071686)
1 eddie76 (235114)
1 sgt_akiyama (386802)
1 chachax2 (1197278)
1 blacker0713 (1933746)
1 ncc1701z (1259150)
1 nuts987 (1269222)
1 疯特莱 (3621443)
1 unsafebiscut (625111)
1 prawan (163677)
1 eh7145g (1888213)
1 saegull123 (379914)
1 cochrane (2281203)
1 Alicia Florence (899950)
1 crkscrew (3062200)
1 Anderztw34 (1436420)
1 hellwolf (259904)
1 ranphafranboise (649731)
1 subzeroX (189857)
1 backslash (238342)
1 Elder Mask (3434393)
1 nebula rains (2572296)
1 Princess_Sakura (137548)
1 喵铃酱 (3039846)
1 fabriciodel96 (3050204)
1 Tgbvfr (40820)
1 Rizardon91 (1813347)
1 KingArtson (1214308)
1 mundomuñeca (3788586)
1 yikuolu (3511304)
1 Kuroinan (1725944)
1 cynamonbunz (2159839)
1 nekoinu (453020)
1 nana-19991 (3986089)
1 EvolutionKing (18314)
1 cometravel (1711700)
1 少女与猫 (836490)
1 MikeyBroh (2749811)
1 Cúchulainn (800883)
1 eltole (4111918)
1 chung2795 (667843)
1 rraven314 (490854)
1 Mysael (1782420)
1 cocy (1820904)
1 darknight (20835)
1 marconii2002 (78643)
1 jak9464 (3424265)
1 mootxico (1284181)
1 Aliedora (3572647)
1 sdshdv (1179779)
1 BlossomPlus (1269525)
1 cghctommyho (3259224)
1 pndrvs (832728)
1 Kessara (315859)
1 Someguywith (2725435)
1 titswifter (338151)
1 empty_field (1110495)
1 decondelite (1968682)
1 chh9513136 (2901645)
1 Sweetbarrow (695019)
1 M8R-bdyxio (601536)
1 Jigsy (293539)
1 hanekawaneko (3236023)
1 t95 (117646)
1 stev123 (722647)
1 Rocbleaser (114829)
1 XNounou (286280)
1 Caroma (2704968)
1 kYdizzle (408349)
1 93133795 (350152)
1 Passerby4 (1602566)
1 FastFox (1141309)
1 kyouri (218706)
1 Phreeman (1830737)
1 qsc5566 (822168)
1 KevinJan (2963620)
1 wanisame (1982178)
1 lingzhi0c (1403778)
1 sdqwtwe (806937)
1 niku1129 (2694440)
1 tonyi (433956)
1 a0825 (1824171)
1 b923242 (1505865)
1 s976113 (462463)
1 G Just G (90877)
1 AwwGasm (571344)

Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who have contributed in some way for their hard work in the last year.

And a Happy New Year to all contributors and visitors alike.


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